White Paper: Understanding Infrared Pyrometers for Demanding Steel Mill Applications

Download this White Paper and You Will Learn:

  • Technical differences between current pyrometer technologies
  • How to compensate for common application issues such as emissivity variation, water, steam, flames, combustion gas, scale, dust, dirty optics, high-ambient conditions
  • The best pyrometer technology and measurement techniques for dual-phase steel, stainless steel, coated steel, and cold
    rolled strip
  • Which pyrometer technology to use/consider for each area of the steel mill

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Pyrometer White Paper


Why Choosing the Right Pyrometer is Critical for Demanding 
Steel Mill Applications

Most modern general-purpose infrared pyrometers are able to precisely measure temperatures under controlled conditions, but are far less accurate when used for more demanding applications. In steel mills, pyrometers are subject to emissivity variation, dirty optics, steam, water spray - and more! This white paper will teach you how careful wavelength selection can help combat these common problems throughout the steel mill.